Study in France

France is known for its popular tourist spots in the world. The various aspects for it to be the most preferred tourism spot are its nature, soothing climate, outdoor activities as golf courses, art museums, galleries and much more. There are many activities in the past that defines the history of the country.

Opting for higher education in France is easy. One form can hold the application for 20 different universities in the country through web. This option makes it very easy for a student who cannot apply to colleges in person. The web provides you with the information about all the colleges in the country. All colleges own a website of their own. The information on the web are so relevant that makes you decide on the university you want to enroll yourself into.

France has around 3500 institutions for higher education which includes:

• 77 publicly-funded universities, offering degrees from all disciplines and serving as the primary academic research centers

• A parallel system of Grandes Ecoles offering scientific, business, art and other specific programs, this has a 5-year diplomas which are equivalent to a Masters degree

• Schools of architecture

• More than 3,000 specialized schools offering degrees in a wide variety of subjects, including hotel management, culinary arts, tourism and social work.

Study in Germany

The universities in Germany have network with all the other universities in the world. This provides a platform for thousands of people to go to a different country, to study and live. This applies for the international students as well. Because of this unique feature, the German universities and technical colleges paves way for international students to hold enough places in the university and also helps on the various concerns during the time abroad.

The German employees of various sectors have a great demand all over the world and have assured placements in international companies across the globe. Germany by itself is the best country to work. The opportunity of studying in Germany provides you numerous free time activities and many travel opportunities. It is worthwhile to stay in the country as it is in the heart of Europe.

Germany’s higher education system has got something for all. There are about 450 state-accredited universities with some 17,500 degree programmers in Germany. The universities of Germany provides degree programs in various subjects and academics level say bachelor’s, master’s, state examinations or doctoral degrees.

The common universities strongly work on scientifically oriented study scientifically oriented study scientifically oriented study with different courses. Universities of applied science, on the other hand, are very practice-oriented. If you’re an artistic person, you can enroll at a college of art, film or music.