omnet++ Project Center in Chennai

Omnet++ is a simulation framework which is written in C++ as an object oriented programming language. There are more sources are available for Omnet++ which could be skill development based. Omnet++ modules are used for communicating messages through some of the channels. There are projects available in Omnet++ and we provide best omnet++ project in Chennai.

There are also certain components sources are available which is listed below:

Integrated development environment based on eclipse


Kernal Library

NED compiler

Simulation Execution

There are also some of the new simulators available; it is developed using Omnet++. They are like Mixim & etc. It also supports various other simulation as given below:

Computer network simulation

System architecture simulation

Queuing network simulation

There are only few people work on Omnet++ and we are one among them. We deliver best projects in omnet++ as per the student's expectations. In Chennai we are the best Omnet++ project centers in Chennai.