Study in Singapore

Singapore is known for its modernism and off course for its excellent education system.

The country provides numerous opportunities for students who wish to pursue education in abroad. Singapore is known as 'global school house' as education is a priority in the nation. Importance to education was established in Singapore by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (founder of the Singapore Institution, now known as the Raffles Institution) in 1823. Today Singapore is the leader in the world of higher education.

Singapore maintains high standards of teaching, learning and scientific research. Another key feature that makes Singaporean education one of its kinds is the links that it holds with the industry. Students get the opportunity to gain practical experience in their respective fields.

Numerous reports show that Singapore is world's leader in innovation and research, which in turn makes it the most attractive educational spot. Though the cost of studying is high when compared to other Asian destinations, it is far better when compared to the top 3 destinations in the world. This is one the reason for Singapore to be the favorite destination for students.

On an average calculation you need to spend US$10,000 per year for tuition fees, though it depends on the course you choose. Science courses are much expensive than the art courses. The students from both domestic and international can claim for the tuition grants provided by the Singaporean Ministry of Education. But you can apply only when you are offered a place on a course. These tuition grants are so helpful that they cover most of the tuition fees.

Study in Malaysia

Though, Malaysia is not as high as China, Hong Kong and Singapore, in the field of higher education. But there are heavy investments happening in the field of education to make it as a strong contender. The upcoming number of Malaysian universities among the global ranking and the low fees makes Malaysia as a choice for education destination.

The mode of language in the universities is English and they have tie up with internationally-recognized institutions. The Malaysian government has also taken the initiative to campaign on educational tourism. Thus Malaysia is an upcoming favorite destination for education among international students.