NS2 technology is vastly used in research and teaching sectors. It is built with C++ at the backend and OTcl in the front end. It is designed and framed to replicate several protocols in wireless networks, AOMDV, AODV, and DSR and so on. NS2 is the most preferred tool in research works. NS2 is said to the best among its competitors like GloMoSim, Mannasim, OMNeT++ and NetSim.

NS2 being ranked as first in the list, it tops in the list of most complex and tough subject to pursue. Yes, it is indeed a tough job for beginners to understand NS2. The entire model and the features in NS2 is complex and time consuming.

If you are one among the crowd who is wondering how to get NS2 training, then you must first start with a list of training and project centres who deliver this service. It is worth to choose the best tutor in NS2 than struggling without adequate knowledge in the technology. NS2 training centres have talented professionals, trainers who have the experience of working with several NS 2 projects. The training centres are always a treat if you choose the right one. They help you to deliver end results on time, teach all related concepts of NS2 and Linux. The centres usually act as a catalyst between students and industries.

NS2 training centres always extract the best from student’s technical skills and build their confidence and creativity to perform in their carrier.

Some of the projects offered in NS2 Project centers are:

• Wireless sensor network project

• Mobile adhoc network project

• Wireless network related project

• Network security related project

• Vechile related project

• p2p related project

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