PHP Training in Chennai

Techiebees is the best PHP Training Institute in Chennai. It provides excellent placements in IT firms. The PHP training program in Techiebees is a mixture of practical and theoretical sessions covering the aspect of interview point of questions. It is an awesome training environment for companies and students who are eager to learn PHP with live projects. We also host demo classes for the newly acquired students. These classes are absolutely free and are a session of 45 minutes. This demo class gives you idea about the complete learning experience in PHP. In simple, we are the best PHP training Institute in Chennai, you learn, experience and enjoy the technology to the core.

The syllabus for PHP is been designed by MNC HR's and experts. We also have separate dynamic division for client projects. No matter what, we are the Best PHP Training Institute in Chennai.

Introduction to PHP

Hypertext Preprocessor is called as PHP. PHP holds the maximum web market shares for the last 10 years. May 2012 statistics shows that PHP holds 60% of total web market share. This clearly showcases PHP to be the winner of the race. PHP is a cross platform and cross server specific language. PHP codes can be put anywhere in the server and in any platform. We use Apache for the training session on PHP. PHP is a flexible technology where it easily gets combined with any type of commercial projects with minimum spare of money.