Selenium Training in Chennai

Learning Selenium from Techiebees experts is an amazing experience.

We are the best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai with excellent syllabus structure. We claim to provide the best Selenium Training in Chennai because of our excellent course syllabus and practical that we offer. Selenium is an open source web automation tool.

It was developed by Thoughtworks and based on JavaScript. Since it has been developed from Java it is flexible to operate from any platform like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (mobile OS developed by Google), iOS (OS for iPhone and iPad) It also works on supported web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. Its rapidly increasing users are making the tool more versatile and suitable for automation purpose. If the user is known to any of the languages like Java, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl and PHP it is easy to work on Selenium.

Best Selenium Training in Chennai

Techiebees gives you the Selenium application with real time scenariOS. The knowledge sharing happens from experts from corporate during the classes. These trainers have more than 8+ years of experience. The complete learning process of Selenium is covered in the syllabus. Practical tests and periodic exercises enhance the programming skills.

Our Selenium Training in Chennai keeps you in the trendy technology and learning with Techiebees makes you proud.